Location and People


Our coffee estate is located over 2500’ above sea level on the western Caribbean side of Jamaica on the top of Kentucky Mountain. We are located  (18°11′ 52.28″N  Latitude and  78° 01′ 06.63’W  longitude) 1 hour and  15 minutes due south on Montego Bay just above Blue Field Bay.
Our nearest city, Savanah-la-mar is a 25-minute drive from “the top.” Savanah-la-mar has approximately 20,000 people, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, grocery, fish, vegetable markets and most common amenities associated with American cities.

Negril is approximately 45 minutes NW from our estate. Our arrival airport is in Montego Bay.
Kentucky Mountain “up top” consists of approximately 100 people, 3 church’s, (Christian), 2 schools (Kentucky primary K-9 and Pre-school ages 3-5.

The Jamaican People

Jamaica is a lush green beautiful island and has a diverse and rich culture. They are a multiracial society. Their farm motto is “Out of many.” Jamaicans are friendly, amusing, warm and kind. Jamaicans are known to make up their own word to suit the topic they are speaking about. The way Jamaican people get food is not by going to the local grocery store but by going to a traditional market in the middle of town. They carry the food items back home by balancing a basket on the top of their heads with the food inside.

Jamaican Language

The official language is English. English has been the national language for more than 300 years. However, most likely you will hear what sounds like foreign tongue. This unique language is called “Patois.” Patois is a combination of Spanish, English, Portuguese and African phrases, which sounds more rhythmic than traditional English.

Jamaican Sports

The popular games in Jamaica are polo, cricket, soccer, golf and bicycle racing. The Jamaicans are known for their passion for sports.

Jamaican Art

Jamaican art depicts Jamaican everyday life. This is expressed by sculptures, paintings, collage and craft works. This is a profound shift from the more abstract type of European art and even the African more morbid types of art that focus a lot on history. Jamaican art culture generally does not focus on history.

Jamaican religion

Religion is very important to the Jamaican people. It is said that Jamaica has the maximum churches per square mile in the world. There are large congregations of Roman Catholics, Baptists, Anglicans and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Rastafarian and other religions are also present in Jamaica.