“What is the weather like?”

Weather “up-top” ranges from 60 degrees to 85 degrees. It is typically 10 to 15 degrees below sea level temperatures.

“What clothes should I bring?”

Swim Suits, Shorts, T-shirts, sweatsuit, jeans, light jacket and sneakers.

“Do I need special shots, Visa, Passport?”

You will need a passport or visa. No special shots are needed.

“Do I need cash or credit cards?”

Some cash, all major credit cards accepted. ATM machines are available

“What currency does Jamaica use?”

In Montego Bay, Negril and Savanah-la-mar the currency is the Jamaican dollar. Current exchange rates are available online.

“How do we get around?”

A complimentary driver is provided for weekly rentals and includes transportation to and from the airport.

“Are there beaches nearby?”

Bluefield Beach is located at the bottom of Kentucky Mountain.

“What city do we fly into?”

Montego Bay

“Where are the nearest health care facilities?”

Savanah-la-mar that is 25 miles has hospitals and dentists. Most health insurance is accepted at private facilities. Private hospitals are free.