We have been to Jamaica and back I thought you’d like to hear the tales and see photos of our 7 day visit. I got carried away with all the detail so you’ll want to prepare yourself with a lengthy read.

Because there is nothing I would rather do right now than reminisce about our trip. I can easily bring myself back to The Big House’s wrap around porch in that wonderful tropical climate and imagine another sunset on top of Kentucky Mountain,. It’s all still fresh in my mind. We were coddled, not only with consistent 80 to 90 degree temperatures and Good Company but with interesting new foods. Dinner was cooked for us every evening. Usually it was chicken or fish rubbed with spices, or in sauce along with rice and beans.

We tasted the traditional Jamaican foods like acke, saltfish dumplings, breadfruit, sugarcane, and carrot juice mixed with milk and Guinness and other foods of the season.

Kyla and Courtney voted this trip one of their all-time top family vacations. We joke about sacrificing pizza and movie allowances to finance a return trip ASAP.

Jamaica turned out to be a great place for us to travel to. I highly recommend it- especially in January when the average Minnesota temps are sub zero!

Nancy, Ken Kayla and Courtney Eato

We’re back home. I’ll try to share what our amazing experience was like although it’s hard to describe how people live and the way my daughter Sarah and I were welcomed as family to Kentucky Mountain. While in Jamaica its not always easy to find paper or a pencil and besides when I sat down to gather my thoughts and write one of the many children wanted to draw pictures, comb our hair or play a game. Within the first few hours I decided not to resist these precious moments that filled each and every one of our days in Jamaica.

The Mountain views are incredible everywhere you look with 180 degrees of ocean view from the deck of the great house we occupied as head quarters for music, food and parties. From this special place, I felt like the richest person on earth surrounded by the glorious sun filled colors of the sky, lush fruit tress and warm smiles from the people who live here without internet, cable tv, cars or kitchens and seem not to have a care in the world. We spent hours day after day working together, cooking together, eating together and laughing as we learned how to dance, cook and communicate without pronouncing each English word so slowly or carefully.

The sun sets and after the glorious colors fade I hear the gospel church music soulfully rise to the top of Kentucky Mountain. We go to sleep soundly and wake to the cheerful smiles of another “good mornin” at the break of day to “tan-so-back” (take back a step, observe), work hard and “flex”( keep company) and “kick up a rumpus” (have a good time)!
-Cathy and Sarah Healy

“All I can say is WOW!”
-Tracy Davenport

George & Phyliss Ciatonne

-Bill Bumpus
Sales Mgr. /Caldwell Mfg.

“Pat, it came out beautiful!! Marty would be proud. Good Luck and God Bless your home.”
-Bob Licatta

“It is beautiful!!Look at all the landscaping. I know there are some friendly goats there to keep it mowed.”
-Cele Munn

“It is gorgeous! …it is beautiful.”
– Catherine Grantham

“I just saw the picture, WOW, even a lawn!”
-Andy Whiting

Michael Munn