Our Story

Patrick and Mike, friends and business partners in the US were introduced to Kentucky Mountain by Ossie (Jamaican friend) in 2005. Having traveled the Caribbean extensively they decided that there was no prettier views or weather (in their opinion ) in all the Caribbean.

In 2007 they purchased the farm property and in the next 3 years built a road, a water reservoir, brought power up, terraced and irrigated the fields, planted 5,500 coffee and banana trees, built the houses and pathways. They took that time to totally enjoy the experience, learnĀ about the Jamaican culture and make many new friends.

During the formative years Patrick and Mike were visited by many friends and family who were amazed and enthralled by the unique Jamaican experience and encouraged them to open Kentucky Mountain Estates as a unique tourist destination resort.

We hope that you enjoy it!

-Patrick and Mike